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Roughly eight weeks ago I made a drastic change in my life.  I grabbed whatever could fit into my car, packed it all in and made the three-day drive to San Francisco!  You may wonder what would cause an irrational move such as this, but its actually quite simple.  San Francisco and the Valley in general is the epicenter of entrepreneurial activity.  Although it goes without saying that plenty of startups get built outside of this part of the world, there is just flat out more activity here.  As an individual who cherishes and thrives in environments where there is a lot to be learned from others, I am extremely ecstatic to be out here.

My first few weeks here have proved to be nothing short of amazing.  The community is incredibly friendly and willing to help.  I have had countless lunches, coffees, and drinks with entrepreneurs, executives and others involved in the scene.  They have graciously pointed me to other folks who are willing to help, given me ideas on things to see and do and most importantly gave me their undivided attention.  I realize I am in a honeymoon phase with the city and the startup community here, but I am hoping it stays this way for a while :)

March 24, 2010