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As a graduate of Georgia Tech, I have fond memories of the school.  Since I have graduated I have spent many Saturdays back on campus for football or at game watching parties.  As much as I love the bond created by Georgia Tech sports, I love the bond created by innovators of Georgia Tech even more!  There is great pride in finding an entrepreneur, an executive, an astronaut or a professor who is a Ramblin Wreck!

So in keeping with my obsession of startups and the entrepreneurial endeavor it seems natural to blend Georgia Tech into it.  In the coming weeks we will be putting together the first event focused on getting Georgia Tech alums in a room together to learn, network and help each other out on our entrepreneurial endeavor.  GT has some absolutely brilliant minds who are working on or with interesting startups, its time, at least within the Bay Area that we started having cohesive conversation with one another.  I put together a quick survey to get some quick input of what people are looking for.  So if you are a GT Bay Area alum, please fill it out or shoot me an email to firstname [AT] lastname {DOT} org.  Would love to get as many people together as we can!

Hopefully we can learn and grow ourselves as we grow the standing of Georgia Tech in the general community!  As my buddy Rafael says, its good to have a chip on your shoulder!

Oh and if you have some suggestions for what this group should be called, I’m all for it!  I keep hearing GTpreneurs in my head, but we could definitely use some input.

March 30, 2010