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When I was growing up I regularly encountered the following phrase, “Think before you speak/act.”  This phrase was generally used in the form of a question directed at me.  My head would lower, my lip would quiver and I would utter something along the lines of, “but I did.”  I am sure my Mom used it quite regularly with me, but for some reason I have vivid images in my head of my Dad asking the question and then repeating it back in a directed phrase.

You can imagine I only heard this phrase when I did something pretty dumb.  When I think back to most of those situations, they all have one thing in common.  Passion took over…or to be more accurate, the negative side of passion took over, emotion.  I have always been and always will be a passionate individual.  No matter how hard I tried I could never hold in my excitement.  When something negative would happen you can imagine my passion, well, emotion would take over.  My Dad saw this as a big weakness of mine, he focused a lot of my life lessons on it.  I needed it and I know I learned enough to be able to control the negative side of it.  On the positive side, I always let my passion take over.  It is tough to sit next to someone getting excited about a product, tool, or experience without getting excited yourself.

This lesson has proved to me to be a simple extension into the world of entrepreneurship and startups.  Whenever you speak about your product, your idea, or your experience, let passion take over!  If you think of a great idea, get on the phone and immediately call someone to give you some feedback.  It will probably fail 9 out of 10 times, but at some point you will strike a chord.  However, if someone goes wrong and LOTS of things will go wrong!  Do not move an inch without thinking the situation through.  Having your emotions take over can be a nightmare for all parties involved.  I have learned to quickly write down what’s bothering me in my tasks list and deal with it the next day.  Generally speaking when I get some sleep and get back to work, I rarely find myself that upset over the incident.  I am able to reflect on it properly and deal with it in a rational manner.  Makes life a lot easier!

April 15, 2010