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Yesterday I watched a fascinating Ignite talk about how ineffective meetings are and why a 22 minute meeting is the way to go.  At the end of the presentation the woman presenting gave everyone the url of her website,  I wanted to learn more, so I pulled it up.  To my surprise, the url took me to her facebook fan page, not her website, well sort of.  I quickly realized this was her website.

It hit me almost immediately, why would anyone providing a basic service bother with having a full blown website?  Through this fan page I was able to get all the information I needed:

  • Contact info (email, phone)
  • About us (mission, overview, etc)
  • Location (Address)
  • Photos of recent presentations
  • Events surrounding 22minute meeting practice
  • Discussion board
  • Other fans, including a special section if any of my friends were fans

I thought about all the recent requests that I got for fan pages from my friends who are starting new business.  These business included a yoga studio for special needs kids, a videography company, an organic fertilizer business, and a make-up service business.  Some of them have their own websites as well, while others do not.  Do they really need their own website?  Why not buy a great URL and then re-direct your traffic to your facebook fan page?  Think of all the benefits that come along with when you’re getting started:

  • No need to learn how to build websites and write code
  • Get out all of your info in one fell swoop
  • Interact with your fans and customers (marketing)
  • Sell product directly from your fan page
  • Search Engine Optimization (facebook results are always one of the top 3 on Google)
  • Events you are putting, including full blown guest lists

I’m sure there are other additions you can make to the page as well to bring in neat services like slideshare, getsatisfaction, etc.  Think about it from the consumer side as well, as soon as I come across something new, I can instantly see if one of my friends is a fan and reach out to them about the service.  This is powerful interaction!  If facebook could build in the type of search power you get from Google and the email platform of Gmail, I would never leave the site.  Think about that.  What are your thoughts?

May 25, 2010