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Your experience, as mine, with primary and secondary education was probably fairly straight forward.  It was traditional in the sense of you showed up to school sat through five or six classes and then went home to do homework.  My high school schedule was slightly different in the fact that we had A and B days.  On A days we had four classes and on B days we had the other four.  Recently I have been thinking that maybe there are some radical (they may not seem radical to you) ways to change up the education system.

One example that sticks in my head is learning by intense submersion into one course for say four weeks.  That means for an entire month you do nothing, but study US history or biology or advanced calculus.  Your mind eats, sleeps and breathes this topic.  Instead of having to come home as a student and do homework for multiple classes which have no inherent overlap of ways to study for them (studying for calculus vs. history is very different) you focus solely on one topic.  In my opinion this may help the attention and focusing problems current generations have with constantly jumping around (and yes I know TV and computers are primarily at fault for this).  Maybe at the end of every other month you have a daily review of the previous month’s topic.

What about the topics themselves?  Outside of the compulsory subjects, I was not taught practice life skills in high school.  Maybe there should be entire weeks devoted to certain life skills: budgeting, job searching, professional interaction techniques and even asking questions more effectively.

Did you go through a different education process growing up?  How helpful do you think it was?

Looking back, what one or two subjects do you wish were covered in your school that weren’t covered at the time?

June 11, 2010